The REI Quicontract service ended on 14 February 2023. Real estate agents should now instead utilise the new REI FastTrack Contract process available to them when creating sales agency agreements via REI FormsLive.

REI FastTrack Contract

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REI QuiContract
The quicker way
to order a sale
to order a sale
to sell
a home
The quicker way to
order a sale contract
order a sale contract
sell a home

To sell a home you need a sale contract, and in NSW the law requires a contract to be ready before the home is marketed. With REI QuiContract, that contract will be ready quicker than ever before.

An initiative of the Real Estate Institute of NSW

Order your sale contract documents online anywhere, anytime

REI QuiContract is an easy to use program enabling sale contracts to be ordered anywhere, anytime and on any device, and delivered to you quicker than ever before.


Delivery of your sale contract documents commences immediately upon us receiving your order. And it doesn't matter what time of day or night you place your order!


Order your sale contract documents at work, at home, in the car, on the beach, overseas - anywhere you have a reasonable internet connection.

Any Device

Order your sale contract documents on any laptop, tablet or smartphone - works with Android and iOS.

How It Works

Step 1


For first time users only, click the REGISTER TODAY button on this page and complete the registration form details.

Register Today
Step 2

Enter an address

Enter and confirm the property address. The property title search will be ordered and returned to you immediately.

Step 3

Order your sale contract documents

A list of your required sale contract documents is then displayed with the cost. If you proceed, the cost of your order can be charged to your credit card or anyone else's card.

Step 4

Receive your sale contract documents

You will receive most of your contract documents in a few minutes, and the rest within a few days. We will notify you when your order is completed.

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See why you should use REI QuiContract to order a sale contract, and how quick and simple it is to use.

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